A Very Touching Book — For Little People And For Big People

A Very Touching Book is an outrageous, funny, full-color, and fully illustrated book loved by children and approved by adults who want to take charge of their child's sexual abuse knowledge in a positive way. Particularly important to enhancing communication between big people and little people is the giggle-gaggle, teaching children to help adults with their purple faces of embarrassment in talking about sexual matters. This publication has many purposes in its mission.

For parents, teachers, daycare providers. A Very Touching Book has a timeless message for parents on how to avoid scare tactics and encourage children to understand sexual abuse in a healthy and non-threatening manner. This publication enhances understanding and communication between children and adults, creating a partnership of safety for big people and for little people.

For treatment specialists. Because of the positive, humorous approach so appealing to children, A Very Touching Book can be used within the therapeutic environment to reduce shame and guilt so commonly experienced by sexual victims. This valuable book can be used in group, family or individual treatment, especially for enhancing communication between sexually abused children and their families.

For investigators. A Very Touching Book can be used in sexual abuse interviews to open communication and establish clarity of language so important to productive reporting. This book provides children with terminology to assure valid and comprehensive investigations not only to rescue sexually abused children but also to protect the rights of those who might be unjustly accused.

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